Can A Woman Give Birth Vaginally After Coccygectomy?

Can A Woman Give Birth Vaginally After Coccygectomy? Giving birth to vaginally can cause or worsen coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia). During childbirth for a vaginal delivery, the baby passes through the birth canal, which can cause pressure and trauma onto the coccyx.

Recently I was asked whether giving birth to vaginally would be likely […]

SEATED Coccyx X-rays Show Abnormalities Missed by Regular Standing X-rays, for Tailbone Pain

Many people ask me why their coccyx x-rays (tailbone x-rays) looked totally normal even though they’re suffering from severe coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia).

Usually, the answer is that unfortunately their previous x-rays did not include any evaluation of the coccyx bones while they were sitting.

This video shows an example of actual x-rays where […]

List of Amazon Links Worldwide to get the Book Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Below is a List of Amazon Links Worldwide to get the Book “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!”

The book is filled with useful information about coccyx pain (tailbone pain), including causes, tests, and treatments.

You can use the Amazon website specific to your part of the world.

In the UNITED STATES, use this Link: or […]

Pudendal Nerve Pain versus Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain

I was recently asked how do physicians distinguish between pudendal nerve pain (also called “pudendal neuralgia”) and coccyx pain (also called tailbone pain, or coccydynia). Below is a very, very brief overview.

Genital involvement: Pudendal nerve pain usually involves the genitalia region, whereas coccyx pain usually does not. Genital symptoms may include pain, numbness […]

Tailbone Pain Questions and Answers for 1.5 Hours on Facebook Live, by Patrick Foye, MD

As part of Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, Patrick Foye, M.D., did more than one and a half hours live on Facebook answering questions about tailbone pain (coccyx pain, coccydynia). The video is on the Facebook page for the Tailbone Pain Center:

Here is the same video, uploaded to YouTube:

Screen capture:

Tailbone […]

How to Get a FREE Book on Tailbone Pain

Act now to get your FREE copy of the book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!” Today is Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, November 15, 2018. So, worldwide, you can get my book for FREE through Amazon for the next day or so. Follow These 3 Simple Steps: 1) Go to Amazon for your country and search for: […]

Free Book on Coccyx Pain for Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, Nov. 15, 2018

Learn about Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, which is Thursday, November 15, 2015.

For a very limited time, you can get a free copy of Dr. Foye’s book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, Nov. 15, 2018, Free Book

Free e-book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now, by Patrick Foye MD

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Ricardo Plancarte Sanchez, MD

It was great to once again see Ricardo Plancarte Sanchez, MD, at the Pain Symposium held by the New Jersey Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and New York Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. (NJSIPP and NYSIPP)

“Pain Medicine Symposium 2018″ was held in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, in November 2018.

Dr. Plancarte has […]

A Lecture on Pelvic Pain at Connect PT, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

On Nov. 8, 2018, I was very happy to attend a lecture titled, “Uncovering the Black Box of Chronic Pelvic Pain” at Connect Physical Therapy, in New Jersey.

Thank you to Michelle Dela Rosa, PT, DPT, at Connect Physical Therapy, for hosting a great event and thank you to Dr. Allyson Shrikhande for giving a […]

Some of the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists that Dr. Foye has met so far

I have been VERY fortunate to have met many great Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists in recent years.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can be very helpful for a variety of conditions in the pelvis.

Here are a few photos…

Stephanie Stamas PT DPT, with Patrick Foye MD, after her Pelvic Pain lecture, NYC, March 2019


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